For TREC Microdrives / for other Applications

The micropipette fiber has an outer diameter of 100-120µm and is made of quartz-glass.

Beside microelectrodes the micropipettes can be used in our multielectrode manipulator systems (“System Eckhorn” or “Mini Matrix”), for drug injection through the pipette and simultaneous recording of the neural drug response with the microelectrodes.

Key features:

  • Outer diameter of pipette fiber is 100-120µm
  • Very flexible quartz-glass fiber can be strengthened with metal tube or glass pipette to be mounted to a manual microdrive system
  • Available for use with any standard manual manipulator system or with Thomas RECORDING multielectrode microdrives (“System Eckhorn” or “Mini Matrix”)
  • Software controlled microinjection pump system available


[1] Vera K. Veith, Cliodhna Quigley, Stefan Treue, A Pressure Injection System for Investigating the Neuropharmacology of Information Processing in Awake Behaving Macaque Monkey Cortex. Jove, 3/14/2016, Issue 109; doi: 10.3791/53724

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