Electrochemical Multi-core Microelectrodes

Thomas RECORDING electrochemical disc micro-electrodes were originally designed for SECM (Scanning ElectroChemical Microscopy), but they are also suitable as working electrodes for other electrochemical applications like voltammetry or amperometry.

As reported by Ufheil et al. (see downloads & publications [1]) a new tip tool for the SECM is described that should allow a wide range of kinetic measurements. It was shown by the authors that the shielding factor as well as the collection efficiency can be changed over a wide range by approaching suitable surfaces and varying the distance to the tip. Furthermore, the heptode opens a wide range of applications because it includes seven sensing elements that can be used separately. This allows local in situ modification and analysis with the SECM when working with modified heptodes.

The electrodes are based on unique multicore metal fiber of platinum/tungsten alloy, insulated with quartz glass.

Key features:

  • Unique manufacturing technique
  • highly centered metal core
  • 4- and 7channel electrode available
  • very good signal to noise ratio
  • Quartz glass insulation
  • different tip shapes available with tip diameters in µm

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