Electrode Polishing Tools

Electrode Polishing Machine for Electrochemical Microelectrodes

Keeping the surfaces of chemical microelectrodes clean will ensure more active and longer useful life of your Thomas RECORDING electrochemical microelectrodes. Depending on the variation of usage, methods, and compositions for maximum results it is recommended to polish the electrode regularly especially when the voltammetric data begin to detoriate. The most common method for surface preparation is mechanical polishing. Therefore Thomas RECORDING has developed a precision microelectrode polishing machine. This machine usually is used with diamond grinding discs with different particle sizes.

Parts of the electrode polishing machine (EPM-3). The machine is equipped with a rotating polishing disc that is controlled by an electronic mains powered control unit. A xyz-manipulator allows to move the electrode tip precisely on the polishing disc surface under microscopic control. The device is manufactured with the well-known quality "Made in GERMANY".