Thomas Faraday Cage

for Education and Research

The Thomas Faraday Cage is designed for neurophysiologic experiments that require electrical and optical shielding (see figure 1).

The Thomas Faraday Cage is designed to be used in neurophysiologic education of undergraduate students as well as for research experiments.

The system consists of a black anodized aluminum cage with a cover at the front side. There are two handles to remove the cover by the user to get access to the recording setup inside the cage (see figure 2).

Key features:

  • Faraday Cage for neurophysiological recording experiments
  • High precision & quality MADE IN GERMANY by Thomas RECORDING
  • Used for experimental learning in neurophysiology for undergraduate students
  • Used for neurophysiological research experiments where electrical and optical shielding is required
  • Modular system adaptable to different requirements of users

Dimensions and Weight

Length (mm) 712 mm
Width (mm) 362 mm
Height (mm) 490 mm
Weight (kg) 15 kg


The Thomas Faraday Cage has a special instrument holder with clamping carriers that allow to mount all instrument for a neurophysiologic experiment without problem. Figure 3 shows an example for an insect recording setup consisting of a small animal base plate, a microelectrode manipulator (micro drive), a microscope and a power supply unit for the preamplifier. This is just an example and the system can be modified to the customer´s requirements.

For custom-made electrode adapters, please contact Thomas RECORDING for more information.

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