High Sucrose Brain Slice Cutting Solution (HS-BSCS)

High Sucrose Brain Slice Cutting Solution (HS-BSCS) is used for cutting acute brain slices from rats and mice.


Product Information:

Ready to Use HS-BSCS solution



Instructions for use:

Ready to use:

For 1000 ml HS-BSCS Solution:

1. Oxygenate 500 ml Base A for 10 min

2. Add slowly 500 ml Base B

3. Oxygenate HS-BSCS Solution during use


pH 7.4 when oxygenated with 95% O2, 5% CO2 (Carbogene)

Use immediately once opened. Store at 4 - 8 °C

Ional composition of HS-BSCS Solution

Characteristic Value
Sucrose 75 mM
NaHCO3 24 mM
Glucose 25 mM
MgCl2 4 mM
NaH2PO4 1,25 mM
KCl 2,5 mM
CaCl2 0,5 mM
NaCl 85 mM
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[1] Szabadics and Solters, J. Neurosci. 29(13), 4239-4251, 2009.

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