Thomas Wireless System (TWS)

(4 channel recording + 1 channel stimulation)

The Thomas Wireless System (TWS) is the only complete solution for wireless multi channel recording, stimulation and data analysis for neurophysiological applications with freely moving subjects. Beside the wireless device we also offer customized implantable recording microelectrodes and tetrodes as well as stimulation electrodes for different neurophysiological applications. For analyzing the recorded multi unit activity our Thomas Spike Sorter is available. The Thomas Wireless System (TWS) has the following features:

Key features:

  • Analog recording input range (Channel 1-4) up to 12mV pk-pk
  • Stimulation output (Channel 5) up to ±625µA (12 bit Resolution, depending on electrode impedance)
  • True wireless system, updates wireless stimulator headstage programming in real-time!
  • Wireless operations up to 5 meters
  • Headstage dimensions: 24x22x13mm, weighs just 4-5 grams (without battery)
  • External rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery delivered with charger
  • Implantable microelectrodes for all common neurophysiological applications
  • Microelectrode interface boards for various species and applications available
  • TWS-Software for control of micro stimulation and recording neural activity running under Microsoft Windows© operating systems.
  • TWS Transciever (Receiver-Transmitter) is connected to a personal computer (Laptop or Desktop PC) via standard USB port
Number of recording channels: 4
Filter characteristic: bandpass
Input impedance: 100MOhm//4pF per channel
Input configuration: differential input, ac coupled
Amplifier gain: x200, x400, x800, x1600, x3200, x6400, x12800 (software adjustable)
Number of stimulation channels: 1
Operation mode: constant-current
Stimulation waveform: mono- or biphasic pulses (software adjustable)
Max. stimulation current range: -625µA...0...+625µA (depending on electrode impedance)
Stimulation control: all stimulation parameters (e.g. amplitudes & timing) are software adjustable
Size: 13x22x24 mm (without battery)
Weight: 4-5g (without battery)
Supply voltage: 3.7-4.2V dc
Wireless operating distance: 5m
Wireless data transmission: digital


The Thomas Wireless System (TWS) is a portable multichannel telemetry system which can be used for extracellular neural stimulation and recording in freely behaving small animals (e.g. rats, guinea pigs). This system can be adapted to be used in larger animals (e.g. primates) as well. The Thomas Wireless System includes everything you need for freely moving neurophysiology: implantable microelectrodes/tetrodes, low noise 4 channel pre– and programmable main amplifier with fixed bandwidth, single channel constant–current stimulator for application of biphasic current pulses, software programmable micro stimulator, everything housed in a small plastic cabinet, mounted on an implantable connector system. Implantable recording and stimulation microelectrodes including all accessories are also available for this system. For multi unit recording data analysis we offer our Thomas spike sorter. One important feature of the Thomas Wireless System is the amplification and digitalization of the data on the headstage, so that only digital data is sent to the transceiver, which ensures that your data is not distorted.

The Thomas Wireless System consists of a low noise 4 channel preamplifier that offers 4 high impedance input recording and 1 micro stimulation channel. The Thomas Wireless System has a total weight of 4-5g (including multipin connector) and a size of (13x22x24)mm including plastic housing and without accumulator. 

The standard accumulator has a capacity of 240mAh, dimension of (27x20x6)mm and a weight of 7,2g.

The Thomas Wireless System, is controlled by a software running under Microsoft Windows© operating system .

The Thomas Wireless System (TWS) provides 4 single-ended neural inputs for recording biopotentials and 1 signal output for micro stimulation. The stimulator is a true wireless stimulator that updates stimulation parameters in real time!

Thomas RECORDING offers a complete neurophysiological solution for wireless applications with freely moving animals. From the electrodes, the implantation technology, the wireless recording and stimulation system to the control and data acquisition software.  

Lightweight Advanced Technology

The Thomas Wireless System has a total weight of just 4-5 grams! High density electronic system housed in a small plastic cabinet.  

Small Size

The Thomas Wireless System has a total dimension of 13x22x24 Millimeters (without battery pack)! The picture below shows a size comparison between a D size battery and the Thomas Wireless System.



Bidirectional Data Transmission

The Thomas Wireless System offers 4 recording and 1 micro stimulation channel!



Lightweight Battery Pack

The Thomas Wireless System is delivered with lightweight battery pack with required charger offers 4 recording and 1 micro stimulation channel! The weight of a 230mAh battery is just 7.2 grams with 27x20x6 millimeters dimension.  

Powerful Software Package

The Thomas Wireless System is delivered with a powerful software package. This software allows control of all features of the Thomas Wireless System via one graphical user interface. The software is running under Microsoft Windows© operating system. 

Complete System - Ready to work

Thomas RECORDING offers complete solutions for wireless applications including electrode and interface board implantation techniques.  Customization on request!

Figure 1: Block diagram of the TWS

Figure 2: Thomas Wireless System

Figure 3: Thomas REXCORDING offers complete solutions for wireless applications including electrode and interface board implantation techniques. Customization on request!

Figure 4: TWS with lightweight plastic housing

Figure 5: TWS size comparison with a battery

Figure 6: Bidirectional functionality of the TWS

Figure 7: Lightweight TWS battery pack

Figure 8: TWS control Software gui

Figure 9: TWS control Software gui


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