Mobile Eye Tracking System

Table computer based mobile eye tracking system

The Thomas Oculus Motus – research mobile (TOM rm) system is the world’s smallest, fully integrated device for psychophysical experiments. It is fully mobile and records head-unrestricted eye movements with 30Hz in almost any environment, e.g. at home. The integrated display and speakers can be used for easy stimulus presentation with just one click. The versatile mounting mechanism allows for a safe and natural use with low compliance demands. The experimental data is stored directly on the device for immediate analysis with commonly used software, e.g. MATLAB or SciPy. The TOM rm can be used across a wide range of populations and can be customized to your special requirements. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Key features:

  • Fully integrated psychophysical research device
  • 8.4” touch sensitive display with 2560 x 1600 pixel resolution
  • Time synchronized recording of eye videos (Full-HD @ 30Hz) and stimulus events
  • Fully customizable visual and acoustic stimuli
  • Easy handling and low compliance
  • Versatile mounting mechanism for natural use
  • Recording time of up to 4 hours

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