Impedance Tester

Precision Instrument for microelectrode quality control

The impedance value of a metal microelectrode for neurophysiological research is a very important parameter to characterize the recording performance of the microelectrode.

The Metal Electrode Impedance Tester Model EIT-201 is a precision instrument for measuring metal electrode impedance at a frequency of 1kHz. It is designed as a bench-top model.

Key features:

  • Metal microelectrode impedance test
  • Impedance range from 0-1MΩ and from 1-10MΩ
  • Testing frequency: 1kHz, sine wave
  • Save to use nanoampere test current
  • Digital displayed impedances values
  • Easy to use labstand with electrode holder and preamplifier
  • Low cost, high precision instrument

Impedance Test

Impedance test range 1 100kΩ...1MΩ
Resolution 1kΩ
Impedance test range 2 1MΩ...10MΩ
Resolution 10kΩ
Test Signal Frequency 1kHz
Test Signal Waveform Sine wave

Dimensions and Weight

Length (mm) 250
Width (mm) 180
Height (mm) 74
Weight (kg) 1

Power Supply

Supply voltage (V AC) 100 - 240
Frequency [Hz] 50 - 60

Enviromental condition

Operating temperature range +10°C to +40°C
Transport temperature range +10°C to +40°C
Humidity 20% - 80% RH (non-condensing)


The model EIT-201 will measure electrode impedance in the two ranges 100kΩ ... 1MΩ and 1MΩ ... 10MΩ and displays the impedance value on an easy to read high quality digital liquid-crystal-display (LCD).

The EIT-201 has its own sine wave oscillator integrated which generates a very stable 1kHz sine wave test signal. The electrode impedance is measured with a constant current of 5nA. The EIT-201 measuring circuit is largely unaffected by microelectrode offset or tip junction potentials.

A special designed stainless steel laboratory stand is provided with the system.

Electrode Impedance Tester EIT-201 with stand

Figure 1: Electrode-Impedance-Tester (EIT-201) with steel laboratory stand

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