16 channel Multitrode

for Thomas manipulators

The Thomas RECORDING Multitrode is available for the Thomas Motorized Electrode Manipulator (MEM). The multitrode for the MEM is a robust, multiuse, multicontact stainless steel electrode with an electrode array consisting of 16 gold contacts.

The contact diameter is 40µm with a spacing of 125µm between the contacts. In the MEM the multitrode is guided in a stainless steel guide tube.

Key Features:

  • Adapted to the Thomas MEM System
  • Durable, multi-use, multi-site linear probe
  • 15 + 1 electrode sites embedded in a stainless steel needle
  • Electrode contact material: Gold
  • Electrode contact diameter: 40µm
  • Electrode contact spacing: Customizable, standard = 125µm
  • Low price
Characteristic Value
Article number AN001273
Coating material Stainless steel
Contact material Gold
Outer diameter 400µm
Contact diameter 40µm
Spacing between contacs Customizable, standard 125µm
Total length approx. 128mm
Frontal probe length 99mm
Ground connection cable length To be specified by customer
Ground connector type To be specified by customer

Please note that the technical information is preliminary and may change.

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