Rodent InCage Training System (R-ICTS)

The ultimate in cage training system for rodents

To optimize the training of awake rodents on cognitive tasks Thomas RECORDING has developed a new and commercially available Rodent-InCage Training System (ICTS). The R-ICTS is a flexible, light-weight, fully-automatic device for the training of behavioral and cognitive paradigms and enrichment of rodents in their cages. The new training system provides a comfortable training environment that reduces stress, improves the animal´s well-being, increases the speed of training and the animal´s performance.

Key Features:

  • Cage mountable (system can be customized to any rodent cage system)
  • Fully integrated portable system
  • Customizable stimuli
  • Small and lightweight system
  • Easy access for rodents with special designed screen damage protection
  • No human interference necessary during training sessions
  • Electronic and internal system parts are water and dirt protected
  • Improvement of rodent´s life quality by training the animal in its cage

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