Dr. Madineh Sedigh-Sarvestani

"Characterizing the thalamocortical circuit in the cat visual cortex.”

Dr. Madineh Sedigh-Sarvestani is currently working at the University of Pennsylvania as postdoc of professor Diego Contreras and Larry Palmer.

Madineh about her research

"The wiring diagram of cortical circuits define the computation performed by the circuit, constraints the circuit’s learning rules, and serve as building blocks of cortical architecture. I will discuss our work on defining the wiring diagram of a canonical circuit in systems neuroscience: the thalamo-cortical circuit that connects visual neurons in the deep brain to visual neurons in the cortex.

Our measurements also allow us to characterize the dynamics of single-spike transmission at the thalamus-cortex synaptic junction, and to explore the influence of these dynamics on visual processing in the cortex."

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