Dr. Stefan Dowiasch

Stefan Dowiasch is the Chief Scientific Officer at Thomas RECORDING GmbH in Giessen/Germany.

Stefan about his research

I’m interested in eye movements and their neural correlates, especially during self-motion in natural environments. Furthermore, the effect of visual perceptual stability of our environment despite ongoing eye movements is fascinating me. To investigate these phenomena, I performed electrophysiological recordings in parietal areas of the macaque monkey, modeling and psychophysical experiments in humans. Finally, I’m interested in identifying and utilizing eye movements as biomarkers in neuropsychiatric diseases.


Other projects:

I’m working on different solutions for behavioral and cognitive training of monkeys and rodents, which can be performed in their respective home cages in order to simplify training and enrichment for the experimenter and the animals. Additionally, I’m developing artificial neural networks utilizable to make classifications and decisions based on big data.

Dr. Stefan Dowiasch