Ileana Montagna

Ileana Montagna is currenty a PhD student in the Department of Brain and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Pavia in Italy

Ileana about her research

As a PhD student, I am currently investigating cerebellar connectivity in vivo.

In particular my current goal is to characterize the deep cerebellar nuclei (DCN) single unit responses to tactile stimulation in urethane-anesthetized mice. The employment of a multielectrode array system combined with optogenetics provides an useful approach to reveal the mechanisms underlying cerebellar learning and memory during the induction of plastic changes following theta sensory stimulation (TSS).

Concerning this subject, a paper was recently submitted to the Journal of Neuroscience and I am currently working to respond peer reviewers.


Other project I am assigned to:

In the future I will be studying the cerebello- cortical interaction, in order to better understand cerebellar contribution to neocortical processing.

Ileana Montagna


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