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Thomas Dual Stimulator (TDS)

2 Channel wireless Micro-Stimulation System

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Thomas Dual Stimulator (TDS)

2 Channel wireless Micro-Stimulation System

The Thomas Dual Stimulator (TDS) is a new wireless two channel micro-stimulation system for neurophysiological applications with freely moving subjects. This Stimulator allows the researcher to generate two separately customizable stimulation signals with the TDS software graphical user interface. After designing the stimulation patterns it is possible to upload the signals wirelessly to the stimulator headstage. The TDS supplies stimulation signals in real time via wireless communication with a USB transceiver. Beside the stimulator hard- and software we offer ready to use stimulation microelectrodes with different tip sizes and charge transfer capacities for all kinds of electrical stimulation experiments with freely moving subjects. Thomas RECORDING is the only manufacturer on the market offering really complete wireless solutions including microelectrodes. Each complete wireless solution is comprised of stimulation microelectrodes adapted to the customer´s requirements, a dual channel microstimulator headstage including accumulators and and charger, a software package and all required accessories for wireless applications. This system has the following features:

Key features:
  • Two independently programmable stimulation channels
  • Stimulation output up to ±625µA (12 bit Resolution, depending on electrode impedance)
  • True wireless system, updates wireless stimulator headstage programming in real-time!
  • Wireless operations up to 5 meters
  • Headstage dimensions: 23x21x10mm, weighs just 3.9 grams (without battery)
  • External rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery delivered with charger
  • Implantable microelectrodes for all common neurophysiological applications
  • Microelectrode interface boards for various species and applications
  • TDS-Software package for control of micro stimulation running under Microsoft Windows© operating systems.
  • TDS Transciever (Receiver-Transmitter) is connected to a personal computer (Laptop or Desktop PC) via standard USB port
Technical Data
Number of channels:2
Max. stimulation current:+/-625µA
Current source mode:Constant-current
Stimulation pattern:rectangular waveform, mono- or biphasic, cathodic or anodic
Stimulation pattern selection:software programmable, independently for both channels
User defined variables:initial delay, single pulse current & duration, pulse trains, multiple trains
Transmission:wirelessly between USB-transceiver and headstage
Electrodes:single or dual channel Stimulation electrodes available (customized designs)
Dimensions (without battery):(23 x 22 x 10) mm
Weight (without battery):3.9g


The Thomas Dual Stimulator (TDS) is a portable dual channel telemetry system which can be used for extracellular neural Stimulation in freely behaving small animals (e.g. rats, guinea pigs). This system can be adapted to be used in larger animals (e.g. primates) as well. The Thomas Dual Stimulator includes everything for freely moving animal neurophysiology: implantable stimulation electrodes, Software programmable wireless headstage with two channel constant–current stimulators for application of mono- or biphasic current pulses, everything housed in a small plastic cabinet, mounted on an implantable connector System an the animal´s skull. Implantable stimulation microelectrodes including all accessories are also available for this system.

The Thomas Dual Stimulator (TDS) consists of a 2 channel constant-current micro stimulation headstage. The TDS has a total weight of 3,9g (including multipin connector) and a size of (10x21x23)mm including plastic housing and without accumulator. 


The standard accumulator has a capacity of 240mAh, dimension of (27x20x6)mm and a weight of 7,2g.


The TDS is controlled by a software running under Microsoft Windows© operating system .

The Thomas Dual Stimulator (TDS) provides 2 constant-current outputs for micro stimulation. The stimulator is a true wireless stimulator that updates stimulation parameters in real time!


Thomas RECORDING offers a complete neurophysiological solution for wireless applications with freely moving animals. From the electrodes, the implantation technology, the wireless stimulation headstage system to the control and data acquisition software.  

Lightweight Advanced Technology

The Thomas Dual Stimulator System has a total weight of just 3.9 grams! High density electronic system housed in a small plastic cabinet.  

Small Size

The Thomas Dual Stimulator (TDS) has a total dimension of 23x21x10 Millimeters (without battery pack)! The picture below shows a size comparison between a D size battery and the TDS. 

Lightweight Battery Pack

The Thomas Dual Stimulator (TDS) is delivered with lightweight battery pack with required charger offers 2 micro stimulation channels! The weight of a 230mAh battery is just 7.2 grams with 27x20x6 millimeters dimension.  

Powerful Software Package

The TDS is delivered with a powerful software package. This software allows control of all features of the Thomas Dual Stimulator System via one graphical user interface. The software is running under Microsoft Windows© operating system. 

Complete System – Ready to work

Thomas RECORDING offers complete solutions for wireless applications including electrode and interface board implantation techniques.  Customization on request!

Figure 1: Block diagram of the Thomas Dual Stimulator System (click to enlarge)

Figure 2: Thomas Dual Stimulator (TDS) with battery mounted on a rat skull

Figure 3: Thomas RECORDING offers complete solutions for wireless applications including electrode and interface board implantation techniques. Customization on request!

Figure 4: The weight of the TDS is just 3.9 gramms (without battery)

Figure 5: The high capacity battery of the TDS has a weight of 7.2 gramms 

Figure 6: Graphical User Interface (GUI) of the TDS software


[1] Melo-Thomas L., Engelhardt A., Thomas U., Hoehl d., Bremmer F., Schwarting R. EP 61: Performing deep brain stimulation and neural recordings at the same target from awake animals: A new bidirectional wireless device. ePoster Presentations – Clinical Neurophysiology, September 2016, Volume 127, Issue 9, Pages e200–e201, DOI: 10.1016/j.clinph.2016.05.249

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