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Titanium Mini Plate System

Bio-compatible and implantable mini bone plates

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Titanium Mini Plate System

Bio-compatible and implantable mini bone plates

Thomas RECORDING offers a wide range of titanium mini plates for investigators that require the chronic implantation of hardware on the non-human primate skull to improve the success rate of their head implants and titanium anchor screws, referred to as titanium endosseous implants. Pure Titanium metal is one of the most widely chosen materials for the bone-plates, because of its excellent biocompatibility and corrosion resistance. The ductility of titanium is less compared to stainless steel, because of its hexagonal crystal structure. The Thomas RECORDING mini plate system is complemented by matching titanium screws, which are available in various lengths. With the Thomas RECORDING Mini Plate System you have a complete fixation system for your next cranial surgery in a non-human primate.

Key features of TREC Mini Plate System:

  • High biocompatibility
  • High shape stability
  • Excellent flexibility
  • No essential elevation in the level of the implant due to low height of screw heads
  • Manufactured from high quality titanium
  • Quality label “Made in GERMANY”

Not intended for use in humans

Please pay attention to the fact that Titanium Mini Plate System is NOT intended to be used in human medical applications.

Figure 1: Demonstration of the Mini Plate profile height with inserted 2mm titanium screw

Figure 2: Straight mini plates

Figure 3: L-shaped mini plates

Figure 4: Y-, double Y and nose shaped mini plates

Figure 5: Straight-, orbita-, T- and double T-shaped mini plates

Figure 6: L-, H-. quadratic- and rectangular-shaped mini plates

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