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USB Data Acquisition System (DAS)

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USB Data Acquisition System (DAS)

The TREC-USB-DAS is basically a pure data acquisition & replay system for use with custom amplifier configurations, filter/amplifier systems or with programmable gain amplifiers also available from Thomas RECORDING.

Key features:
  • Easy setup
  • Use it with any personal computer or notebook
  • Portable system for use in more than one recording setup
Technical Data
Number of channels:16 (up to 32 optional)
Input impedance:(1GΩ/100pF)
Data resolution:16bit
Sample rate per channel:31kHZ
Input voltage range:±10V
PC interface:USB 2.0

The TREC-USB-DASystem is a multichannel data acquisition for recording from up to 16 microelectrodes with additional digital and analog channels for external trigger signals. The system is delivered complete with analog to USB data interface hardware, software package and accessories.


If a TREC programmable gain main amplifier (PGMA-02) is used for neural signal amplification, the gain settings for each channel of the PGMA can be made via the graphical user interface of the TREC-USB-DASystem. The PGMA GUI of the TREC data acquisition system software is shown in figure 2.

For a fast overview of the selected gain settings of the programmable gain main amplifier (PGMA-2) each gain factor is color coded (e.g. x50=red, x5000=green, …) (see figure 2).

For display of the recorded signals we offer a single channel window with several display options as shown in figure 3.

Beside the single channel display we offer two different multichannel display windows. One window shows multiple recording channels in one window as multichannel oscilloscope mode (see figure 4).

Furthermore we have the option to display multiple recorded channels in a multiple channel window as shown in figure 5.

Multiple channel recordings are stored in data files on hard disc of the personal computer. You can open the files and display the recorded data with the replay function of the TREC-USB-DASystem  (see figure 6).

The TREC-USB-DASystem consists of the following hard- and software components.

TREC-USB-DASystem data acquisition computer

  • PC with monitor, keyboard, mouse
  • With preinstalled hardware, operating system and data acquisition software

TREC-USB-DASystem main interface unit

  • Data acquisition and analog-digital-converter board
  • Interface for up to 32 inputs
  • External power supply 100-240V AC
  • Digital inputs/output

TREC-USB-DASystem software package

  • Data acquisition software

For acoustic monitoring of recorded neural data we recommend our analog audio monitor. Digital audio monitors via PC sound card have delays which are not recommended for neural signal monitoring.  Our analog audio monitor is connected directly to the main amplifier signal output and provides acoustic monitoring of neural signals without delays.

Figure 1: Data acquisition system hardware. Preamplifier and programmable gain main amplifier are optional available from TREC. The TREC-USB-DASystem USB-port hardware interface including a software package is part of the data acquisition system delivery.

Figure 2: TREC programmable gain main amplifier parameter setting window. This menu allows to set the gain factors of the TREC programmable gain main amplifier for each recording channel.

Figure 3: Data acquisition system software single channel window

Figure 4: Data acquisition system software multichannel window

Figure 5: Data acquisition system software multiple single channel windows

Figure 6: TREC data acquisition data replayer window. You can load data files and replay the recorded signals.

Figure 7: Block diagram of a complete TREC recording system with preamplifier (mostly integrated in a TREC microdrive system), programmable gain main amplifier (PGMA-02 with up to 16 channels), 1-out-of-16 channel audio monitor with headphones and loudspeaker, TREC data acquisition system and personal computer.

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