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Thomas Electrode Micro Matrix System

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Thomas Electrode Micro Matrix System

The Thomas Electrode Micro Matrix is a small and lightweight microdrive system for electrode recordings. The system consists of a single miniaturized microdrive system, which is equipped with a single core microelectrode. A single channel preamplifier and a precision motor is integrated in the single drive system shown in figure 1.

The Thomas Micro Matrix is also available for the use with Tetrodes.

Key features:

  • High precision & quality “Made in GERMANY” by Thomas RECORDING
  • Axial resolution better than 1μm, x-y-Positioning with a grid or xyz manipulator
  • Patented rubber-tube drive, no hysteresis, slick or free motion due to patented rubber tube drive (avoids drawbacks of cable, direct or hydraulic driven systems)
  • Flexible electrode travel range by chassis extension
  • Variable speed range from 0…250μm/s, higher velocity on request
  • No 50/60Hz noise pickup from the environment
  • No electrode connection cables free in air!
  • Integrated 1 channel electrode preamplifiers
  • Custom made solutions for each recording application
  • Stable long-term recordings with thin microelectrodes for hours
Technical Data
Electrode travel:10.000µm
Preamplifier:1 channel
Drive principle:Patented Thomas rubber tube drive

The Thomas Tetrode Micro Matrix is a very lightweight and flexible drive solution for Thomas microelectrodes. It is a modular microdrive concept. One can mount multiple of these drives simultaneously on a recording chamber like shown in figure 2 or just one drive like shown in figure 3.

It is possible to adapt the Thomas Electrode Micro Matrix to other stereotaxic instruments. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a custom-made adaptation of the Thomas Electrode Micro Matrix System to your special recording setup!





  • Each electrode is completely shielded against noise pickup from the environment
  • The patented rubber tube drive does not cause any slick or free motion like cable or hydraulic or thread rod driven microdrive systems
  • Adaptation to different electrode travel distances for cortical or deep brain recordings
  • Modular system
  • Networkable software to control one recording setup with up to 16 electrodes from different workstations by more than one neuroscientist
  • System uses thin microelectrodes with high recording quality (e.g. Thomas electrodes)
  • Low price
  • Relatively small size and weight
  • Easy setup and many features more

Figure 1&2: Multiple Thomas Tetrode Micro Matrix drives mounted on one recording chamber

Figure 3&4: A single Thomas Tetrode Micro Matrix mounted on a recording chamber



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