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Iron Core Microelectrodes

Premium Electrodes made in Germany

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Iron Core Microelectrodes

Premium Electrodes made in Germany

Thomas quartz/iron fiber electrodes are intended to be used for electrolytical deposit of iron in the surrounding tissue for histological determination of the recording position. Furthermore, the electrodes permit the recording of extracellular potentials. Standard measures of our quartz glass/iron electrode fibers are 80 µm for the outer shank diameter and about 25 µm for the diameter of the metal core (other diameters on request!). A special developed manufacturing technique makes it possible, for tips to be drawn on these thin fibers, with both the outer quartz mantle and the metal core tapering down to very small dimensions. With a specific grinding technique, the metal core is subsequently exposed to the required tip size respectively tip impedance (see “Manufacturing Equipment”).

Key features:
  • Material: quartz glass insulated iron
  • Unique manufacturing technique offers high reproducibility of tip geometry
  • Tip geometry: highly centered metal core
  • Quartz glass offers better electrical characteristics as borosolicate glass
  • Tip shape: different tip shapes available with tip diameters in the µm range
Technical Data

Technical specifications

Core conductor materialiron
Insulation materialquartz glass
Tip shape(A) pulled ground, (D) only ground
ConnectorsGold plated Amphenol sockets (female, 4021EFL) Gold plated Amphenol pin (male, 535EFL) Samtec socket (4060EFL) without connector (open end) other connectors on request mating connectors available from Thomas RECORDING


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