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Recording Chambers

Stainless steel, Titanium, PEEK, Carbon PEEK

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Recording Chambers

Stainless steel, Titanium, PEEK, Carbon PEEK

Thomas RECORDING chambers are designed to provide vertical penetrations as you move outward from the center of the skull. They are available with varying degrees of angle at the bottom from “0” to “65” degrees. TREC´s recording chambers angled at “0” degrees are available in stock. Angled recording chambers can be custom designed to the degree you specify. Please include the angle sizes when ordering. We suggest not ordering in less than two degree increments.

Key features:
  • High quality and low price compared to competitor´s products
  • Very high customization possible
  • Short delivery times for customized designs
  • Chambers are available in different materials
  • Thomas RECORDING grids are adapted to the recording chamber
  • RecordingChamber Image1


Our recording chambers are made with the well-known quality and precision “Made in Germany”. The advantages of our primate recording chambers are:

  • High quality and low price compared to competitor´s products
  • Short delivery times for customized designs 

Thomas RECORDING primate recording chambers are available in different materials.  The pros and cons of the different materials are listed below

  • Stainless Steel chambers are excellent when strength and durability are essential. However, because Stainless Steel recording chambers are heavier than those made from products like titanium and plastic, you may feel that use with Stainless Steel chambers on small subjects is limited. Furthermore, Stainless Steel cannot be used for research investigations that include MRI testing
  • Titanium Chambers have been found to be very tissue compatible. Titanium is a strong, hard, and lightweight material. Although, Titanium may be used in the MRI, it does cause a shadow, which may reduce the ability to visualize areas located close to the Titanium Chamber. Titanium Chambers are also available in a footed version. This feature allows for a more secure implant site. Only a small amount of bone cement or dental acrylic is needed to seal the chamber to the skull.
  • PEEK Chambers, were designed in an effort to find a material that possessed strength, durability, and tissue compatibility that could be used in MRI testing and could effectively be sterilized. This lightweight plastic suitably meets these all these requirements. Our PEEK recording chambers work well with animal subjects of most sizes. PEEK does not absorb water or other fluids readily, and therefore it does not tend to miss-shape, as many plastics do. Beside standard PEEK we offer also Carbon PEEK chambers on request, which are more stable. 

Round Chambers

Stainless Steel Chambers

This is the TREC standard recording chamber for 25 years. The chamber inner diameter is 19mm and the height is 24mm. A cap that fits this chamber is available. We offer also grid adapters for this kind of recording chamber. These chambers are available in a range from “0” degree (stock) to “65” degree angle (customized).

Figure 1: TREC round recording chamber made of stainless steel. This picture shows an angled version (left) and the “0” angled version (right). This chamber is also available in Titanium, PEEK and Carbon PEEK

Figure 2: TREC round recording chamber made of stainless steel. This picture shows the chamber (left) and the cap (middle) and the cap mounted on the chamber (right)

Customized Chambers

We will make any size chamber you want. We just need the following information:

  • Required Material (e.g. Stainless steel, PEEK Carbon PEEK, Titanium, etc.)
  • Shape of the chamber (e.g. rectangular, round, etc.)
  • Dimensions of the chamber
  • Also any special features added to the chamber such as internal threads, engraved markings.

Please see Figure 3, 4, 5 and 6 for customized chamber designs.

Figure 3: Rectangular recording chamber made of PEEK

Figure 4: Round and angled recording chamber in a footed version made of Titanium

Figure 5: Round recording chamber made of stainless steel for use with Thomas RECORDING chronic primate recording system

Figure 6: Design of a round recording chamber in a footed version made of plastic

Chambers grids

The Thomas RECORDING chamber grids are used to align Microdrive electrode guide tubes for straight and accurate penetration. All Thomas RECORDING grids are adapted to the recording chamber.

Please see Figure 7 and 8 for pictures of Thomas RECORDING chamber grids.

Figure 7: Design of a round recording chamber grid with 900µm hole spacing and 400µm hole diameter

Figure 8: Recording chamber grid with a Thomas pencil drive guide tube inserted in a grid hole. This technique has a high reproducibility of the recording position.



[1] Lanzilotto M., Gerbella M., Perciavalle V., Lucchetti C. Neuronal Encoding of Self and Others’ Head Rotation in the Macaque Dorsal Prefrontal Cortex. Scientific Reports 7, Article number: 8571, August 2017, DOI: 10.1038/s41598-017-08936-5

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