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Eye Tracking Systems

Camera based systems with up to 2000 frames per second

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Eye Tracking Systems

Camera based systems with up to 2298 frames per second

The video camera based Eye Tracking System Thomas Oculus Motus research stationary (TOM rs) is one of the most precise and versatile eye tracking system presently available on the market.

The TOM rs allows to freely adjust the temporal and spatial resolution, e.g. 2298Hz (384x192px)…200Hz (Full HD). The TOM rs is a very flexible and customizable eye tracker, with multiple mounting options and interchangeable lenses. The TOM rs eye tracker software is available for almost all popular computer operating systems and allows clients to run the software under Microsoft Windows, Linux and Macintosh operating systems.

The TOM rs system is a notebook based, plug-and-play device and therefore easy to install and mobile between measurements. The TOM rs series is accurate and reliable. The system utilizes special algorithms for efficient operation and superior results, e.g. by automatically compensating small head movements when performing a measurement with limited or no head stabilization. This is without compromising speed – sample rates of up to 2500Hz and high spatial resolutions are yielded. The TOM rs can be used across a wide range of species (e.g. humans, non-human primates, rats, mice, etc.) and can be customized to your special requirements. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Key features:

  • Adjustable framerate up to 2500Hz
  • Precision up to 0.003°
  • Accuracy up to 0.03°
  • Working distance 25-300cm
  • XY-range gaze: app. 30°
  • Automatic gaze compensation for head unrestrained measurements
  • IR-Illumination unit
  • Eye Tracer Software for Windows, Linux, Mac OS
  • LAN-Interface to stimulus computer system
  • Analog output of gaze and pupil data
  • Mobile between sessions
  • Bild 1tomrs
Technical Data
Framerate:Freely adjustable between 2298Hz @384x192px and 200Hz @Full-HD resolution to optimize the data quality
Accuracy:up to 0.03°
Precision:up to 0.003°
XY-range gaze:app. 30°
Head support:Optimal accuracy and precision can be achieved by using a head support, e.g. a chin rest. Small head movements that occur during head free measurements are automatically compensated for.
Working distance:between 25-300cm without exchanging the lens
Lens:Integrated zoom lens to optimize the eye region
IR-Illumination:Freely adjustable high performance IR-Illumination unit included
Software:State of the art and easy to use graphical user interface available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS
Connectivity:LAN-Interface to stimulus computer system allows a low latency integration of the eye tracker into all commonly used stimulation software, e.g. MATLAB
Data output:Fully compatible data format allows a direct data import into common analysis software, e.g. MATLAB and an analog output of gaze and pupil data is included
Additional Hardware:Chin rest and high performance Ultrabook with pre-installed eye tracking software included
Mobility between sessions:The light-weight camera connected via USB 3 to the laptop can be setup for a measurement within minutes
SupportService and consulting by our eye tracking specialists and software engineers is included with every TOM system. No hidden costs!
Optional equipment:Medical cart optionally available

The Thomas Oculus Motus (TOM) Research Stationary system
is the most precise and versatile eye tracking system
presently available on the market. Due to its superior results,
high flexibility and plug-and-play handling, it is ideally
suited for basic oculomotor and medical research in humans
and non-human primates.
The TOM Research Stationary allows to optimize the temporal
and spatial resolution of the video image, according to
the researcher´s demands. Thus, unlike any other device,
the eye tracker can be operated with a Full-HD resolution at
approximately 200 Hz. This allows the exact detection of the
most subtle eye movements, e.g. ocular microtremor. Alternatively,
the eye tracker can also be operated with up to
2298 Hz with a resolution of 384 x 192px. The device offers
most any environment. The integrated display and speakers
can be used for easy presentation of pre-defined
and customizable stimuli with just one click. Meanwhile,
the touchscreen and the microphone can be used to record
additional responses. The familiar App-based handling
and the versatile mounting mechanism allows for a
safe and natural use with low compliance demands. The
experimental data is stored directly on the device for
analysis with common software, e.g. MATLAB or SciPy.
Due to the convenient usability and low price, it is ideally
suited for large cohort studies or repeated measurements,
autonomously performed by the subjects
an accuracy of 0.03° and a precision of 0.003°. Furthermore, the TOM Research Stationary allows to record the full
3-D movement of the eyes, i.e. also the torsional eye movement component. This feature easily opens a rather
unexplored parameter space and allows to identify new biomarkers or neural correlates of oculomotor functions.
Additionally, it is fully mobile between recording sessions and can be setup within minutes in almost any environment.
It can be operated at different working distances between 25 – 300 cm, without additional equipment. Here,
the zoom lens allows to smoothly adjust the image of the eye optimally. Finally, the multi-OS software offers various
comfort features such as automatic thresholding, low latency communication with other devices via LAN and
analog output as well as the recording of event-related high-speed video clips.

Questions? Please don’t hesitate contacting us!

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