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XYZ-Manipulator for Thomas MEM

For precise MEM positioning

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XYZ-Manipulator for Thomas MEM

For precise MEM positioning

This manual xyz-manipulator allows to position our Motorized Electrode Manipulator (MEM)™ very precisely in x-, y- and z-direction. It is designed to be mounted on an implanted recording chamber and can be adapted to small animal stereotaxic instruments as well. The MEM XYZ manipulator measures only 20 x 50 x 70mm with a travel of 20mm. It provides precise and smooth motion in z-direction.

Key features:
  • Miniature micropositioner, three axis
  • Low-cost precision manipulator system
  • Coarse positioning
  • High precision & quality “Made in GERMANY” by Thomas RECORDING
  • Z-axis resolution: 500µm per turn, vernier scale: 50µm/tick mark (continuous axis adjustment by means of a knob)
  • X-Y-positioning continuously: x-axis:+/-10mm y-axis: +/-4mm (continuous axis adjustment using a dovetail guide)
  • Total weight: 34g
  • Dimensions: (20 x 50 x 70)mm
  • XYZ Webseite Bild1
Technical Data
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Technical Data
Dimensions(20 x 50 x 70)mm
Z-axis travel20mm
X-axis travel±10mm
Y-axis travel±4mm
Z-axis resolution500µm/turn
Z-axis vernier scale 50µm/tick mark
Ordering Information
Qty.Article numberDescription
1AN001437XYZ-Manipulator for MEM Drive

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