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Impedance Tester

Precision Instrument for microelectrode quality control

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Impedance Tester

Precision Instrument for microelectrode quality control

The impedance value of a metal microelectrode for neurophysiological research is a very important parameter to characterize the recording performance of the microelectrode.

The Metal Electrode Impedance Tester Model EIT-201 is a precision instrument for measuring metal electrode impedance at a frequency of 1kHz. It is designed as a bench-top model.

Key features:
  • Metal microelectrode impedance test
  • Impedance range from 0-1MΩ and from 1-10MΩ
  • Testing frequency: 1kHz, sine wave
  • Save to use nanoampere test current
  • Digital displayed impedances values
  • Easy to use labstand with electrode holder and preamplifier
  • Low cost, high precision instrument
  • ImpedanceTester Image1
Technical Data
Dimensions and Weight 
Length (mm)250mm
Width (mm)180mm
Height (mm)74mm
Weight (kg)1kg

Impedance Test

Impedance test range 1100kΩ…1MΩ
Impedance test range 21MΩ…10MΩ
Test Signal Frequency1kHz
Test Signal WaveformSine wave

Enviromental condition

Operating temperature range+10°C to +40°C
Transport temperature range+10°C to +40°C
Humidity20% – 80% RH (non-condensing)

Power Supply

Supply voltage (V AC)100 – 240
Frequency [Hz]50 – 60


The model EIT-201 will measure electrode impedance in the two ranges 100kΩ … 1MΩ and 1MΩ … 10MΩ and displays the impedance value on an easy to read high quality digital liquid-crystal-display (LCD).

The EIT-201 has its own sine wave oscillator integrated which generates a very stable 1kHz sine wave test signal. The electrode impedance is measured with a constant current of 5nA. The EIT-201 measuring circuit is largely unaffected by microelectrode offset or tip junction potentials.

A special designed stainless steel laboratory stand is provided with the system.

Figure 1: Electrode-Impedance-Tester (EIT-201) with steel laboratory stand

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